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  • Duke of Wellington junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The junction by the Duke of Wellington has a number of issues. The only official cycling provision is the shared-use pavement on the east side of the A167, with a toucan crossing over Potters Bank. No provision has been made for cyclists to safely leave or join this path at the junction: it is as though no-one is expected to cycle on Potters Bank or Lowes Barn Bank, but in fact these roads are also well-used by cyclists.

    The photograph shows the sign at the south-east corner of the crossroads, with the cycle-route pointing you to Consett and Bishop Auckland. The sign points you to the toucan crossing in order to continue north up the A167, past Neville's Cross junction to join NCN 70 at Tollhouse Road. Of course, a cyclist with local knowledge going to Bishop Auckland would never choose to go this way: instead you would go west, down Lowes Barn Bank, to join NCN 70 at the Broompark picnic area off Broom Lane. This cuts about a mile from the journey, as well as several awkward road crossings. The sign just doesn't take account of the road and cycle-path network!

    Another issue is the timing of the traffic light phases when coming out of Lowes Barn Bank. This has been reported to the Council via FixMyStreet:

    If you observe the lights from the pavement, it is quite clear that cyclists are given insufficient time from the Lowes Barn Bank lights changing to red before the lights on the A167 go green.

    One possible solution here would be a Dutch-style "green phase" where pedestrian crossings all go green and additional cycle-only lights on all approach roads go green as well. This would allow cyclists to turn safely, join and leave the shared-use paths, etc., without suffering conflicting movements from cars. Pedestrians would be able to cross diagonally in one go if needed. Reducing the speed limit on the A167 would also help: the pavements alongside the A167 are used by children going to local schools and the park.

    The junction itself could do with the corners tightening to reduce the design speed of the junction and make it safer for vulnerable road users. Other options include making Lowes Barn Bank a non-through-road for motor vehicles or banning lorries from using it. This would allow the stop line to be brought much closer to the junction. The satellite view of the junction is quite illuminating: see how much road space is devoted to making this junction fast:

    The A167 is one lane in each direction in the sections to the north and south of the junction, but widens to three lanes south approaching the lights, and three lanes north. The need to have high-speed throughput of vehicles at the junction must be balanced against the safety and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists who are most vulnerable at major junctions like this.

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  • Hazardous junction: Potters Bank and Elvet Hill Road

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    There is very poor visibility travelling west to east on Potters Bank and cars often exceed the 30mph speed limit because there is relatively little housing development on this road. If you want to turn right into Elvet Hill Road it is hard to see vehicles travelling up Potters Bank from the roundabout until you are very close to the junction. This places cyclists in a vulnerable situation as you could easily be hit in the rear while waiting to turn right.

    If you try to turn right out of Elvet Hill Road to descend Potters Bank, it is also hard to see if anything is coming from the left. This route forms part of the proposed re-routing of NCN 70 through the centre of Durham.

    See for a Google Streetview image showing what it's like to turn right from Potters Bank into Elvet Hill Road.

    Given the broad mouth of Elvet Hill Road, there is actually quite a bit of road space available. I think it would make a lot of sense if the up-bound lane of Potters Bank were diverted to swing in to the mouth of Elvet Hill Road, to give a wider turning lane in the middle which could be used for right turns in either direction. Mind you, that still doesn’t help much with turning right out of Elvet Hill Road. Some speed cushions on the approach as you come down Potters Bank might help. Or even fixed speed cameras (which are apparently not used in County Durham at present).

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  • New Inn junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The picture shows the view as a cyclist, waiting at the lights on Church Street. Considering the numbers cycling to the university it is extraordinary that the recent remodelling of the junction (2010, with further work on completion of the Palatine Centre) made no provision for cyclists.

    It is not obvious how cyclists are meant to access the shared-use paths on campus from this junction, or how to rejoin the road from the campus.

    Basic features like advanced stop lines would help, but even better would be a general "green phase", not permitted as yet in UK but under consideration by the DfT. This concept involves green lights for pedestrians and cyclists simultaneously for all directions and is very successful in the Netherlands. It's also what tends to happen, in reality, to some extent at this junction already. Couple it with cycle lanes approaching the junction from each direction instead of the wasteful dual car lanes, and this would be a big improvement.

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  • New road layout

    Created by Gregory // 0 threads

    New road layout has been finished here, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to look at any plans before they started work. Despite cycling past on a weekly basis, I saw no notices.

    It's not too bad, and extra lanes mean more space. However, I think it would be good to paint an ASL (cycle box) on at the Belmont Industrial Estate Junction. This will make cyclists feel a lot safer and give them a chance to cross the junction then get into a left-hand lane so motorists/lorries can over take after the junction (not dangerously overtake while turning).

    On the industrial estate is a local church, two sports centres, the Royal Mail sorting office, and a number of small businesses. As a result, there is a lot more cycling here than there was 5 years ago. Yet there are lorries and now buses(the bus depot has moved here) causing possible space-tensions between road users.

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