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  • Magdalene Heights student accommodation proposal

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    See planning application at:

    Good points: plans include secure covered cycle places at a ratio of 1:2 which is exactly what we have recently been asking for.

    Bad points: Council officers have suggested this is too many and 1:5 would be appropriate. This is despite the fact this accommodation is relatively far off from most University sites.

    1) cycle access over footbridge
    2) ensuring development is connected to all local footpaths
    3) bike contraflow needed on Station Lane
    4) navigating Gilesgate roundabout

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  • Former Neville's Cross College student housing

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    A full planning application has gone in for the conversion of one of the buildings of the old Neville's Cross College and the demolition of the other to make room for student flats.

    Issues to consider:
    1) adequacy of cycle parking provision at the development
    2) routes to the university and to shops, both cycle and pedestrian and whether these could be improved, either at the cost of the council or the developer.

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  • Mount Oswald development

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 2 threads

    The Mount Oswald development received outline planning permission a while ago. A full application has already gone in for the first phase, at the southern end of the site. It appears connections will be provided for cyclists and pedestrians to the A167 (car access is from South Road). The greater concern is whether an opportunity is being missed to create a new off-road route parallel to South Road.

    The picture is taken from the Design and Access Statement of the planning application for the first phase. The big unknown is the middle area, where the large self-build houses will be. No plot divisions are shown on the plan. Will there be public access north-south through this area?

    South Road is not shown as a strategic cycle route in the County Durham Plan. The Mill Hill Lane route and the A167 are accorded the status of primary routes, but there is not even a secondary route along the South Road axis, despite it being the obvious route to the University from the south and from all the new housing on Mount Oswald.

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  • Student flats at former County Hospital

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 2 threads

    The planning application has just gone in for conversion of the former County Hospital on North Road to student accommodation, demolition of outbuildings and erection of more buildings to provide a further 367 student bedrooms.

    The plans include provision for cycle parking. The travel plan for the site assumes walking and cycling to be the main means of travel for the inhabitants. Interestingly the travel plan cites the existence of DBUG as supporting the viability of cycling to the University.

    The travel plan includes maps showing recommended cycle routes in the area. We know that many of these have limitations.

    Points for discussion:
    a) is the quantity of cycle parking sufficient?
    b) can we put pressure on the Council, via this application, to enhance the cycle routes to the University campuses?

    To view the application, go to the Council's planning portal:

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