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  • More racks at Clayport Library

    Created by Gregory // 0 threads

    Not an issue but good news I thought worth sharing here. I regularly use the Gala/Walkergate cycle racks outside Clayport Library. Today I was confused, they had been replaced with a slightly different style and moved closer to the wall. The concrete looked wet/new but they are firmly in place, perhaps that's why they were empty but a bicycle was locked to a nearby lamp post.

    An old gentleman walked by and commented it was a better place for them. I thought he referred to being out of the way, but he said the seat won't get wet (if I had parked my bike facing the other way!).

    I have updated the cycle capacity on OpenStreetMap, there are almost double the number of racks as before!!! I don't know what happened to the old style racks, hopefully they are being installed somewhere new. I might ask.

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  • Neville's Cross Social Club conversion to student housing

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    Another student housing conversion with inadequate provision for bicycles and possibly excessive provision for cars.

    Application states 8 cycle spaces, 8 car spaces and 1 disabled parking space. Total 33 student bedrooms. To go with BREEAM this would suggest 17 cycle spaces would be preferable for residents, plus visitor spaces. The cycle spaces pictured are old-fashioned -- I doubt they would actually provide that kind of rack -- but partially covered. It is unclear whether these would be in a secure area or not. They are round the back of the building.

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