A13 Commercial Road between New Road and Jubilee Street

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TfL Overview:
We would like your views on proposals to improve safety, journey time reliability and the urban realm on Commercial Road between New Road and Jubilee Street in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
We have identified a higher rate of collisions along this stretch of road compared to similar roads in London, particularly involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Therefore, we are proposing a scheme that is designed to reduce the number of collisions involving these vulnerable road users.
The area also suffers from vehicle congestion, particularly at peak times. Parked vehicles prevent buses from using the eastbound bus lane at busy times, which causes delays to bus passengers.

What are we proposing?
We are proposing to implement a number of changes to improve conditions for bus passengers and vulnerable road users. These include:

- Raised carriageway with coloured surfacing on Commercial Road between Turner Street and Sidney Street to help lower traffic speeds and reduce collisions. There would still be a detectable kerb height between the road and the footway
- Converting the pedestrian crossing outside Watney Market to a wider straight crossing and relocating it closer to the market. This would mean pedestrians crossing in one stage rather than waiting on a central island. Pedestrian “Countdown” at the crossing would also be provided.
- Providing a wider crossing point for schoolchildren outside Mulberry School for Girls and installing electronic signs to make drivers more aware of schoolchildren crossing
- Raising the level of all side road entrances and providing kerb build outs to reduce traffic speeds, making it easier for pedestrians to cross
- Providing a continuous footway across the following side roads to give priority to pedestrians and a smoother crossing surface: Richard Street; Jane Street; Anthony Street; Fenton Street; Buross Street; Hungerford Street; Bromehead Street
- Reducing kerb heights, particularly around Watney Market, to help pedestrians
- Installing low level central islands to help pedestrians cross the road informally
- Upgrading pavements where damaged or uneven

Other Road Users
- Re-surfacing sections of the road to provide a smoother surface for cyclists and motorcyclists and to reduce noise
- Making Turner Street “no entry” to motor traffic (except cycles) from Commercial Road in order to improve safety outside Mulberry School for Girls and to prevent vehicles queuing back onto Commercial Road at busy times. Access would still be possible using other routes, and motorists would be able to exit Turner Street onto Commercial Road as they do now
- Widening bus lanes to 4.5 metres to allow cyclists and motorcyclists to pass buses more safely. We would create space for this by changing the hours of operation of the parking bays on the North side of Commercial Road
- Converting some existing parking bays into two new loading bays.
- Changing parking controls where necessary on the north side of Commercial Road by converting existing ‘all day’ parking (Mon-Sat 7am-7pm) to off-peak times (Mon-Sat 10am-4pm). This would allow the bus lane to operate at peak times (Mon-Sat 7-10am and 4-7pm)
- Providing Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists at junctions to let them wait ahead of other traffic

Urban Realm Improvements
- New tree planting where conditions allow.
- Improving the urban realm – reducing clutter, better paving and a more pleasant environment particularly around Watney Market


March 11th, 2016


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