More racks at Clayport Library

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Added by Gregory

Not an issue but good news I thought worth sharing here. I regularly use the Gala/Walkergate cycle racks outside Clayport Library. Today I was confused, they had been replaced with a slightly different style and moved closer to the wall. The concrete looked wet/new but they are firmly in place, perhaps that's why they were empty but a bicycle was locked to a nearby lamp post.

An old gentleman walked by and commented it was a better place for them. I thought he referred to being out of the way, but he said the seat won't get wet (if I had parked my bike facing the other way!).

I have updated the cycle capacity on OpenStreetMap, there are almost double the number of racks as before!!! I don't know what happened to the old style racks, hopefully they are being installed somewhere new. I might ask.


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